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Just Jack Sparrow....

Just Jack Sparrow.... @florencia Silveira this reminded me of you when you get hyper or you do a trick or try to make me laugh, you always do this to my face! Hahaha

Mini Silly Boho Emoji Piñata

My secret weapon is my silliness. Life is a funny thing and if you don't laugh at it once in awhile, you'll miss out on a lot of important lessons.

love relationships you broke my heart partnership quotes love quotes relationship quotes partnership quotes promises broken promises silly me lies fake ...

Ughh.....those adorable dorks are taking over my life!!! I hope you're happy, Monsieur Astruc! Anyway....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! Marinette, Adrien, Tikki, ...

best man speach Before marriage and kids of course! ;-) I always thought guys talked about interesting things more often. Typical women's talk seemed silly to me in my younger days.

This is really funny but also sad oh well its frozen ill laugh anyway

Roll, Write and Illustrate Silly Sentences

Students roll a die 4 times (once for adjectives, once for nouns, once for verbs, once for prepositions). After each roll, they use the word key to write the