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Rabbi’s Against Zionism, these guys are so awesome they walked to Williamsburg like this ! wearing this they went back to Williamsburg walking, so please allow the MashAllah’s !

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"Peace to a land that was created for peace, and never saw a peaceful day." -Mahamoud Darwish

Children of Palestine – in pictures

Palestine* Check out the Map of Greater Israel at Google, they want all the Mideast.. stop the United States of Israel take back democracy *

L’attraction entre un empathe et un narcissique

Human rights of all people on this earth, with a small caveat. Including rich and poor, white and black, male and female, young and old, right wing and left wing, believers and non-believers alike. I believe in the intrinsic value of human lives. Unless they're some power hungry misfits getting a kick out of killing innocent civilians, in which case stuff 'em, their rights, and their value. Tolerance has its limits. Apart from that, peace and freedom for all. TF.

What I saw was truly a nightmare! I lobby for Palestinian justice. I don't care who believes in what God or who should inherit that land. What I witnessed with my own eyes, NO MAN, WOMAN or CHILD should ever have to live in such poverty/filth. I am a Christian, but I also support Palestine because I am a believe and also a supporter of HUMANITY!