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Illustration of the Cena, or main meal with nine diners in the Triclinium, the Roman dining room. Nine was the socially acceptable number of diners. More was boastful and less showed a stingy host of meager means.

Battle of the Plains of Bagradas, also called Battle of Tunisia, spring of 255 BC, First Punic War, ended up in a decisive Carthaginian victory - art by Giuseppe Rava

Gallic noble, mid 1st century. His weaponry is of mixed periods, with the latest addition being the Gallic helmet. His sword is from the earlier middle Le Tene period, by the time the Gaul’s were producing this type of helmet they had also begun producing the great Celtic broadsword which measured from hip to foot. The shield is also from an earlier epoch. These weapons were probably treasured family heirlooms which the noble carried into battle.

Greek hoplite, 5th century, BCE and Macedonian horseman, 3rd century, BCE. Illustration by d'Angel García Pinto.