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MTV Shows Of The 90S | the dvd because of the cost of the music rights

I So Wanted To Be Friends With Daria & Jane. Haha I Still Do.

90's Kid. Favorite cartoon growing up. I wanted to be Tommy:)

Show TV 90s Cartoons | Kids nowadays might be familiar with the Rugrats characters from All ...

Glad to see all my old friends again...

Backstreet Boys for Milk | 20 Dated Celebrity Endorsements From Over A Decade Ago

I read all the Sweet Valley Twins and High books. My mom kept them so now I can pass them on to Avery.

OH MY GOD. Does anyone else remember that TV show with the reptile family and the weird baby that hated its father?! lol

DARIA! Please MTV, bring this show back! It exceeds in quality far beyond others shows such as "Jersey Shore" or "Teen Mom!"