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    • Hayley Purcell

      This is completely random but I thought it was funny! My name is SqueeHipYeeDerpMeepYee MoomKaPaSquooMeepDerpDerp. And yours is (This is the one I really laughed at) NerpHipBadaBadaWooblyMeep PapaPaPaMeepDerpDerp.

    • Laurie Bokuniewicz

      What’s Your Name in Bill Cosby Speak? Derp-Hip-Mim-Pa-Woobly-Meep Dip-Papa-Loo-Mim-Spee-Woobly-Meep-Nup-Woobly-Squoo-Zoop

    • Belle <3

      wooblynawwhiphipmeepderpderpmeep I just spelled my name in Bill Cosby speak. I wonder what would happen if i used it? ~Writings by Belle<3~

    • Jacqueline Sloan

      What’s Your Name in Bill Cosby Speak? Badum-Hip-Squoo-Dub-Meep-Hip-Woobly-Spee-Meep...what a mouthful of gibberish..XD

    • Micah Cornell

      Your name in Bill Cosby speak. My full name is Nerpwooblysquoohipsquee Squoohipnawmeepye squoopapapaspeemeelmderpder

    • Melanie Payton

      Your name in Bill Cosby speak My name is Nerpmeepderphipspeewooblymeep badum moomhipyeekapapaspee

    • Wendy Moses

      These things are usually dumb, but my name came out as Nupmeepspeebadayee....

    • Monica Rupert

      What's your name. Bill Cosby. #billcosby

    • Emily Duke

      What is your name in Bill Cosby Speak?

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