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Just relized that way too many of my converstations begin with, 'I saw this thing on Pinterest...' Can I get amen?

haha I feel like this often although I do not "diet" I only eat clean but all the same donuts call to me...

Prreeeettty much everyday at work. And I feel so lame after my speed typing when it won't log me in.

Today it changed whore to who' I actually wanted to say whore, but thank you iPhone.

@Kelly Dillon! In our cracker barrel rockers! @Hailey Thompson@Kelly Dillon wait... I am close to having new friends now! :)

I don't know why this makes me laugh as hard as it does! I think about uncle Robert how he would watch that show and laugh his butt off!

Oh what my plants would say. My guess is that it would not be pretty.

I think this is the perfect justification for eating lots of cake.

That one person that kills the joke by making you explain it.

This is funny.This would really bug 'can't' eat one like that. It's against the rules.

Why haircuts are important! I laughed pretty hard

Took me a few seconds to get over the orange guy but then I got it!! Despicable Me family costume