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Always adopt, never shop and support your local shelters and rescue groups.  You'll be saving a life and it might be your own.

Catahoula mix << Theyre so awesome! I love there coat pattern, but I wish it came in different colors. Oh well, that one color is pretty enough

I play in strange places

In Australia, Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the main breeds used as guide dogs, mostly because of their temperament and intelligence. I LOVE guide dogs

Golden Goodies: Just too cute!

Aww, I used to have to carry my puppy home on walks. Now she's a big girl and I need someone to carry ME home!

Talk about puppy dog eyes

This sweet face is offered just in case you haven't smiled today.

Looks JUST LIKE my Lanie Bear when she was a puppy!!!

Weekly Inspiration 42

We love how visits shelters during his travels and always takes his new furry friends on play days! by travelawesome


Words: SLEEPY, PUPPY ex. "I have a golden retriever puppy, and I bought her this bed when I first got her.