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10 Ways to Display Air Plants

air plant

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How to Keep Air Plants Alive and Healthy (They Might Even Bloom

don't shut me in! Air plants need air.

Spider Plant is one of the easiest houseplants to care for. Thrives best in low to minimal light and biweekly watering. Spider takes toxins and converts them to oxygen. Its an old standby but try dressing it up in an urn or letting it hang over a bookcase.

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How to Grow Air Plants (Tillandsia), a New Indoor Gardening Trend

Great article about Air Plant care, also has a video detailing Air Plant care in terrariums.

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These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Clean The Air At Your Home

10 Best Air Filtering House Plants, According to NASA

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Driftwood Live Marimo Ball Air Plant Zen Ecosphere Terrarium

Driftwood Live Marimo Ball Air Plant Zen Ecosphere by MyZen

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Air Plant Care: How To Care For Air Plants, Aeriums and Tillandsia Mounts

How to water an air plant - the monthly soak. Learn everything you need to know about air plant care on the Care Blog!

7 Best Air-Cleaning Plants Finding plants that clean the air could make your lungs healthier and put you in a better mood.

8 Indoor Air Purifying Herbs - The follow herbs can suck almost 90% of VOCs out of your room and leave you with pure, filtered air: Rosemary Lavender Basil Mint Jasmine Geranium Coffee plant Woodbine