Teaching With Love and Laughter: Star, Star, Wish for conferencing

Here's a great poster for giving students suggestions for what to say when they don't know an answer.

punctuation posters

How to say I'm sorry. This chart is great for teaching children how to say sorry and mean it.

Love this idea for writing... Students write for a designated amount of time (i.e. 10 minutes) and then their neighbor gets to read it and gives them 2 star compliments and a wish (something they 'wish' they had done different).

good reminders

Stars and wishes

Teaching students to take responsibility for actions. LOVE this!!


Teaching My Friends!: Too Many Anchor Charts!

Letting feet stay busy..... students can push on the band while sitting in their chair. This will help the child who needs constant movement.

Great writing office supplies at Create●Teach●Share

Jennifer's Teaching Tools: Writing Strong Leads

Work on Writing

reporting vs. tattling poster...very useful

I like this poster for center choice. The students put a clothespin with their name on it on one of the dots, when all of the dots for a center are full they need to make another choice. Saves space and is neat and tidy, Love it!

Books that Make Kids WANT to Write ~ Awesome! (Thanks for Heather Early for this free list shared on Minds in Bloom.)

Look at the sharing routine

What Do Writers Write? Free Poster Download!

Fair vs. Equal Poster