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Sok Tub



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Kohler Soak Tub. The water over flows to create a waterfall sound--I would never leave the tub!

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Kohler Infinity

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Fireplace by the tub, can't get any more cozy than that!

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Как обустроить сад и бассейн | Загородные дома в AD Magazine | Интерьеры в журнале AD | Ведущий международный журнал об архитектуре и дизайне интерьеров. DREAMLAND

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cool website that creates house floorplans

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pool, hot tub, kitchen...Yep, this will work out just fine :)


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Awesome bathtub design ♥

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Tub inside the shower (And double showerhead!) No worries about splashing and can rinse off as you get out. @ Home Remodel Pins





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Looks perfect to me!

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Loving this.

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素敵|Relaxation Life - I want one!



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Kohler Waterfall Shower. One day.

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Bathtub for two, overflows into the shower WOW


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Wine Barrel Tub. Cool.

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Glass bath tub! So Neat!!!



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private pool in the bathroom! Where dafuq is that waterfall coming from??

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

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That would be awesome!

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A hot tub with a bar counter - I think we need to add the counter to ours. How was this not thought of sooooo long ago?

Sunken Tub



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Michelle - Blog #Bathtub with a #View Fonte :