little boys sign

How true!

son quotes from mom | Greatest Mother and Son Love Story Ever Told.....that's right, i still do and they are 34 n 33 the never story but with pleasure no matter what, i always be there for them...unconditional!

little boys :-)


Love my boys!

These describe both my sons.

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Mother and Son Quotes- Quotes Tree

Fathers and sons


For boys time out chair

LOVE this!

Very true :)

son exactly like him

Do you have a son or a young man in your life?

Being a mom and having them be the center of my world is the best possible feeling ever!! Wouldn't give it up for anything!! Love that I have been able to stay home with my kids in the years they are young enough to still enjoy me spending time with them. <3

So true!

{It is easier to build up a child...}