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Exactly. I didn't know how evil a person can be until I heard about a bitch who is trying to force someone to take a child away from its mother! Her plan is for my man to sue my baby away from me, and then marry him in the future and she will raise my baby with him. I threw up when i heard she says this kind of things.. I'm still in shock how disgusting people are. She is Just nasty poison.

My mother always said, You cant negotiate with crazy and you cant argue with stupid.... But in my house it was dad who said it

You do know I know other ppl right? If you went shopping thru my pins and assumed something was about you, that's just your guilty fucking conscious screwing with your narcissistic mind, so if the cheap shoe fits, might as well wear that shit hoe! Nobody gives a fuck about you! #getoveryourself #oldnews #byefelicia

Hate you? No, I don't exactly hate you. I curse the day we met, and basically disapprove of your very existence, but no, I don't hate you. | eCards