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  • Beverly Stevenson

    Water Lilies 1916-19 - Claude Monet Paintings

  • John Repplinger

    Title: Water Lilies Artist: Claude Monet Year: 1916 Type: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 89.5 × 100.3 cm (35.2 × 39.5 in)


    Claude Monet. Water-Lilies. 1914. #monet #waterlilies #paintingstogo

  • Pablo Ponz

    “Water Lillies” in 1916 by Monet (1840-1926). Oil on canvas (200x201cm). The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo. " In his garden at Giverny (Japanese style) Monet built a huge pond which he filled with water lilies. He retired to this realm isolated from the outside world to create his final series. The brushstrokes and pigments differ from early Impressionist techniques; at times they reach the passionate intensity of Expressionism in their evocation of the beauty" by Tokyo Museum.

  • Jan Laub Keith

    Monet's Water Lilies........We melted crayon shavings between the pages of a folded piece of wax paper with the iron on medium. That is pretty much it. But we learned some things: 1. Less is more on the crayon shavings. Too much and you get melted crayon all over your iron. 2. If you feel a little ADD while sharpening crayons for way too long...a cheese grater, a cheese slicer and (best of all) a potato peeler work more quickly. A trip through the dishwasher cleaned them right up. 3. Use a paper bag under your ironing. For real.

  • ART 100 Class

    #18 Balance of color is shown in this picture as well as incorporating the water lilies throughout the image. Rhythm is created again by the evenly spaced lilies and theres not too many to overpower the image. proportion is shown with the size of the body of water compared to the little lilies the picture is depicting a pond with light reflecting. i think the artist painted this picture from a photograph and tried to duplicate it

  • Megan Gehrke

    Claude Monet painted a huge series of water-lilies over his lifetime. Love these colors!

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