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  • Shyla Smith

    And isn't that the truth of it? Loyalty and mortality shouldn't be so hard to find in a friend. Never settle for less.

  • Danielle Rodrigues

    oooh true story. There are a number of people in my life this applies to.

  • Lauren Rapaport

    let me refresh your memory a bit. i was the one who listened to your problems. i was the one who took your bullshit. i was the one who actually cared about you. i was the one who stuck around even when everyone told me to leave. i was the one who stood up for you. i was the one who loved you even when you gave me every reason not to. lastly, i was the one who was there for you when no one else was

  • Kayla Ann

    There are A LOT of people from my past that need to remember this. I took care of a lot of people that never appreciated it.

  • Marsana Brunner

    So true! Story of my life. Definitely find out who your friends are.

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I struggle with this more often than I like to admit .. but I maintain the strength to follow the path that's right for me.

"Just Get Me Near the Sea" by Artsyville. For those who find it medicinal to be around water. Illustration and text © Aimee Myers Dolich.

"in case you ever foolishly forget, i am never not thinking of you" -virginia wolfe quote

Inspiring text

Exactly what I explained to my son this morning when he was complaining about being a safety patrol. I told him that things are not always about him and that it's about helping someone else. I let him know that being a safety patrol is a privilege denied to most and that he should have a positive outlook on it. :-)

  • Ashley Anderson

    Awww Alisa, do you miss me darling??? :*

  • Ember

    That statement about your son being in Safety Patrol reminds me of when I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid and how they make "Safety Patrol" into a very important and special thing.

  • Ember

    Twinning with Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Being on Safety Patrol will be advantageous to him in the future! XD

  • Big Mama Smalls Farm

    This quote is soooo true !!!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

i want to put this on my bathroom mirror, or somewhere i will always see it just in case i have one of those days

This is very true. I can find lots to do alone. Always.

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Yep, keeping calm takes patience, but well worth the outcome.

...You just need to try something different. I need to remember this. via Gerry Riskin