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In this day and age of impatience, wanting everything now and taking short cuts, some people chose to build muscle the hard way, naturally.

The Leg Bicep Muscle: Developing the Hamstrings

Unless your really into fitness, the hamstring muscles are usually passed over and forgotten. This article explores the development of this some what of a secondary leg muscle.

How to Build a Well Rounded, Developed and Firm Booty

Got this from wofb instagram. This pretty much gives you more reasons to squat other than working out your booty. Ever since I started squatting I have noticed my posture is so much better. Do squats!! The picture tells you everything it targets.

How to Make Refreshing Alkaline Water That Will Improve Your Health

Before I tell you this, let me share a story with you. I think it happened to me maybe 17 years ago. I was just starting to read more about nutrition and healthy foods. So, I

The health benefits of Lime Water

Establish a healthy relationship between your mind and your body! Let Duane Reade guide you on the path toward healthy living.