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    Dry Water Marble Nails

    Brilliant!!! Water Marble without the mess!

    Once dry, just pull the polish off the bag. You now have homemade much cheaper than store bought nail wraps.

    How To Do Red Rose Water Marble Nails | Nail Tutorial

    UPDATE: DIY NAIL DECAL TUTORIAL This is unbelievable! works so well. I recommend letting a basecoat dry on your nail before applying the decal. It also works for those fancy $15 dollar laquer strips you can buy. Definitely let dry for at least 12 hours.

    looks easy..

    ABSTRACTNail art tutorial Needle drag. Put one basic coat. Let dry. Put a thicker 2nd coat and IMMEDIATELY put the strokes, so wet in wet. Drag or swirl with a needle.

    HOW-TO: First you paint a regular coat of dark polish all over your nail. Quickly put a few small dots of lighter polish on your nail while everything is still wet. Swirl them together to create a marble effect with either a fine brush, a toothpick or a needle. Easy! The more you mix them together the more subtle the design will be, the less you touch it the more dramatic it will be.

    Thats amazing

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    "Spotted" nail tutorial

    dry water marbled nails

    Turquoise Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial (Water Marble March 2013 #3) Won of her tutorials on youtube by collette go to simplelittlepleasures MUST WATCH!!!

    Marble Nail Art ... AMAZING i had no idea it was so simple

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    Nail art tutorial - Dry or Drag marble (no water!) with jelly nail polish

    Follow the link and learn how to become a Gradient Gal! xo

    Neon marble nails

    There are a couple girls here that just looove the pinks. Pretty pink nail colors. Essie.

    How to Dry Your Nails Quickly - Hate to wait for nail polish to dry? Here are two easy ways to speed up the process.