Dry Water Marble Nails

Brilliant!!! Water Marble without the mess!

UPDATE: DIY NAIL DECAL TUTORIAL This is unbelievable! works so well. I recommend letting a basecoat dry on your nail before applying the decal. It also works for those fancy $15 dollar laquer strips you can buy. Definitely let dry for at least 12 hours.

▶ OPI Ombre Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial - YouTube

ABSTRACTNail art tutorial Needle drag. Put one basic coat. Let dry. Put a thicker 2nd coat and IMMEDIATELY put the strokes, so wet in wet. Drag or swirl with a needle.

Once dry, just pull the polish off the bag. You now have homemade much cheaper than store bought nail wraps.

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How To Do Red Rose Water Marble Nails | Nail Tutorial

make your own nail decals

looks easy..

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galaxy nails tutorial.

Newspaper nails. Directions: paint nails with any colored polish; let dry completely; dip nail in rubbing alcohol and then press a piece of newspaper on nail for 5 seconds or so, then remove; let dry and then finish with a top coat to preserve your nail design.


marble nail art

Polka dots. I'd do the reversed one on the ring finger instead

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