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Dainty forward helix piercing

Ear head piercing

craving a new piercing...thinking about getting a front helix (that one with the little hoop above the tragus)

Cartilage piercing

Ear piercings

Double forward helix piercing =]

Fresh single forward helix piercing by Krista with a beautiful 14k yellow gold feather from BVLA! | Yelp

Going to the South West - mini southwestern herringbone chevron arrows earrings {$27,03}

Triple forward helix piercing with whitegold, rosegold and garnet jewelry by BVLA at Evolution Piercing.

Gold Heart Cartliage Earring Tragus Conch Helix Piercing

Triple forward helix piercing.

Piercing Types and 80 Ideas On How to Wear Ear Piercings #piercings #earpiercings #accessories

ear piercing Cute Ear Piercings for Small Ear

Flower cartilage piercing earrings.. I would never get all of these but a couple are really nice :)

getting second and third holes as well in both ears and also these piercings: left ear: Rook, industrial, daith, tragus, snug and helix right ear: daith, tragus, snug, helix

#piercings nicoli #piercings #piercings

Forward helix piercing:D Gahh!! I can't wait till I get this pierced! Please be soon!(:

Triple forward helix - this woman has amazing work

Helix piercings - A piercing placed in the upper ear. This is quite a big section, which therefore can be decorated using a huge variety of earrings. It all depends on personal taste and style. Some people, for instance, choose to have one piercing while others opt for compositions made of multiple earrings. Helix piercings are extremely fashionable, they are often considered “elegant”, and they are loved by both boys and girls.