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this is done on the college campus all the time, it is horrible for the environment. lets get soap spread over all the nearby plants and pollute the fountain as drinking water for the birds and butterflies. and it looks tacky as crap/unprofessional

Dorothy’s adventures…

Wizard of Oz - Once a year it would come on tv when I was little and we were allowed to stay up to see the whole thing. And we got to have popcorn. So, even though I thought the movie was scary in parts, I thought it was a pretty awesome occasion.

I Need A Life

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Tetris Level: Grandmaster

Like it or not, we all have a little bit of OCD in us all. Some more than others. If you're anything like us, then it you know how inexplicably satisfying it is to see certain things just work out perfectly.

The Most Accurate Chart Ever

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