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  • K. Fairbanks

    jack o lantern

  • Stuart Aken

    If you’ve never given any thought to where your Halloween pumpkin carving skills might take you, you might not have heard of Jon Neill, a famous sculptor and pumpkin carving master who creates some of the best Halloween pumpkin carvings we’ve ever seen. Neill, who is now a...

  • Shawna Jameson

    Halloween Decorated Pumpkin: creepy, gory, scary, carved pumpkin

  • Headline Shirts

    The Best Jack-o-lantern. Happy Halloween!

  • Pamala Doan

    Pumpkin art!

  • Jake Bartsch

    Scariest Pumpkin Carving from Jon Neill

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scary halloween carving pumpkins

These are beautiful...I might just be motivated to try!

AHHHH! Stay away from me gold, now sonny.

Pumpkin Carving Halloween. not realistic unless you are super patient, have loads of time but the website is amazing!

Pumpkin Creatures: Porcupines Use big pumpkins for the porcupines' bodies, and attach the heads with toothpicks. To create quills, push white holiday lights through drilled holes that are slightly smaller than the lights.

"Sure son, we’re going trick or treating, you'll get lot's of candy, I’ll meet single mom's, maybe even find you a bro or a sis. We'll go home later and (if's there is a later, hahaha(whispers the Great Pumpkin) the father looks around, thought he heard something) Let's go son, we'll take a shortcut to get back home", "but pa, I thought we were going to get more candy?" "Oh we will, we'll stop at some homes on the way there" "okay pa"..."In this mornings news, the disappearance of...."

scary halloween carving pumpkins