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‘Can we realistically say that there are rules to be followed during wartime? If so, what would be considered acceptable and unacceptable? And how does one address these questions if an issue should arise? Those are among the thorny subjects raised in the new Danish drama, “A War” (“Krigen”).

"Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover's Guide to the Law of Attraction" is Brent Marchant's sequel to his first book, "Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies." Find out more by visiting the "Consciously Created Cinema" Pinterest board!

NYC-based singer-songwriter Stephen Michael Thornton has released a music video for his newest single “We Are Love.”

What are the chances that a geeky, somewhat-uncoordinated wannabe athlete is able to overcome his challenges and become an Olympic competitor? Most would probably say not very likely. But, as in any audacious undertaking, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Just ask the infectiously enthusiastic British ski jumper whose inspiring life story is the subject of the new, uplifting, fact-based feel-good movie, “Eddie the Eagle.”

Is there a time when you felt sadness and beauty at the same time? Poet and Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “The Book of Awakening,” reflects

Pour yourself a cup of fun! Tune in to the latest edition of The CoffeeCast podcast, where I'll speak with host Tom Cheevers about conscious creation and the movies. Join us for an often-insightful, sometimes-irreverent, occasionally explicit conversation about a colorful, entertaining and enlightening topic. Tune in on Stitcher at or iTunes at

When we set our minds to accomplishing something, there’s usually nothing to stop us except for the roadblocks we place in our own way. But, in the absence of such hindrances, we’re generally free and clear to proceed with fulfilling our objectives, no matter how unlikely they may seem to others. Read more about this in "'The Walk' tests the limits of personal resolve," available at

A War starring Pilou Asbæk - NZIFF 2016: Early Announcements New Zealand International Film Festival 2016 #nziff #film

Fears holding you back? Maybe watching an inspirational film will help you past them to create the life you want. For more, read "Vanquishing the Bogeyman," my latest article in the Conscious Cinema series of New Consciousness Review magazine, available at

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The traditional materialistic view that science has relied on implicitly for ages has begun to be challenged by new thinking involving the role of consciousness in a wide variety of areas, most notably healing. To find out more about this paradigm shift, check out my review of the new documentary, "The Physics of the Soul," available at

"Beauty ... is in the mind of the beholder." Read more in "Get the Picture?!", with details at

Keep up with the latest about "Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lovers Guide to the Law of Attraction" on Google+ by checking out the book's page, at

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What were you destined to do in life? Were you meant to play a starring role? Or were you supposed to be a supporting player? Or maybe even just a spectator? No matter which part you embrace, they all serve a purpose. Learn more by reading "'Peggy Guggenheim' celebrates our life's purpose," available at and

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