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A.F.A. - Powered Exoskeleton Suit for Firefighter by Ken Chen - Strapped over the firefighter’s gear, the device provides supplemental muscle to aid performance in walking, running and carrying up to 200 lbs.. Read more at

In standing with the name it carries, the Tesla E-max is a far-out but awesome electric motorbike concept that features modern technologies and an unforgettable aesthetic. To supplement power to its 2 independent motors located in each wheel, the body is covered in a top layer of piezolectric material that converts compression strength into electricity and a second layer of Halite fiber that converts human heat. Pretty wild!

#K-12 #PODCAST Geometry USA (AppleTV) Supplements of Congruent Angles are Congruent Tutorial + Proof LISTEN... http://podDVR.COM/?c=24ba7e65-40a6-b6ee-d3ef-6ca0dd9b1093

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Technological Eye Assault: Screens can emit UV light and tend to cause people who use them for long periods to hunch forward and stare for long periods without blinking - here are some good tips for things you can do to fight back and improve your eyesight -- via