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SB 492 died but scope-of-practice expansion still remains a threat. Efforts were halted to increase Medi-Cal reimbursement rates but the governor forgave many retroactive cuts; OUR STATE STILL LAGS far behind others in paying adequate rates to serve low-income #Californians. SUPPORT CSA’s #GRASSROOTS #ADVOCACYprogram, GASPAC, to help ensure the voice of #physician #anesthesiologists is heard! Learn more! Donate to GASPAC!

The mission of the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy is to champion the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children through prevention, intervention, therapy, and collaboration.

Because many people underestimate the developmental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual injuries that can result when people experience or witness traumatic events, Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute, Inc. (formerly Foundation) is: • a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of international scope that • helps people understand, recover from, and treat: • traumatic stress (including PTSD) *dissociative disorders, and *co-occurring issues, such as addictions, self injury, and suicidality.

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Monsters Are Not Always Under The Bed or in the Closet- Sometimes The Boogeyman Is Real - One Of My Articles

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10 Confronting Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

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The goal of Child Abuse Prevention month is to encourage public awareness of child abuse and neglect, recommit resources to the cause and promote community involvement in preventing child maltreatment, and to promote well-being.

Telling The Secret: Channels of Communication for the Recovering Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse A Literature Review by Don Moore