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Chalk by Maureen Bond on Flickr

Chalk organized by color in a box for kids. Have a fun day and color the sidewalk. Keep in storage area with crayons, paint, and other art supplies.

NYC Beautiful Patina at it's not a door or a window but I still love the look of it,

Emily Blincoe, best known for her color-coded arrangements.

emily blincoe //thuglifeforevs - the garden collection // colors organized neatly .


A rope has tactile texture because you can physically touch the grooves between the twisted strands. Although, a picture of a rope only has visual texture. (unless you are physically holding a print of the picture of rope)

Alright, let’s talk color! Today’s post will be a bit different than what you usually find here –..

Exotic botanic theme by Haymes

manifestergirl300: “Manifest: the society of elephants, (and family) ”

love the blue& yellow next to each other "Elephants on the Masai Mara, Africa. Photo by Marcus and Kate"

What a gorgeous palette!

wingthread:whites jessieisarobot: Pittsburgh has a beautiful Autumn. I am really loving all of the leaves.

Ein Blick in tropische #pflanzen beruhigt, falls so manches Fußballspiel zu spannend ist ;)

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fibrearts:  (via stitching in the sun)

Modern embroidery and textile art, what i like: differing patterns and texture. If these were made with brighter happier fabrics or neutral full colors, it can be something great.


Textura ✞When through the woods, and forest glades I wander, And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.

Peacock feather under a microscope!  Found on FB "Bead Weaving with a Needle" page)

Peacock feather under a microscope - this is not beadwork but I can imagine these colors/texture stitched together in spiral seed bead work. The image breaks the palette down very nicely Knit texture ideas