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happy easter! lol

T-Rex is finally happy...

happy easter! lol

Easter humor


Forever repinning

have fun with bad pick up lines...


I want him to come live with me - what a happy little clothespin! Bob Ross Clothespin Doll

Funny Tumblr Posts

Can this be a thing? Seatbelts fastened, please. Haha.

Doing snapchat just right. Random selection at the airport security check

Doing Cat’s Cradle // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Dewey should be president...

This made me exhale air out of my nose quickly.

Thought this was so funny so I showed it to my mom.... She said "wow. A nana saver. For your bananas? I wonder where I can get one"😂😞

These Are So Funny And True

I,too, am an animal.

It Now Makes Sense

House MD... the most cynical human being in the entire world and the only one that will make you laugh so hard XD

bearded mustache man looks like baby walrus, Father? Yes my son< I MYTH YOU, miss you, I laughed at this way more than necessary!!!!