36 cooperative learning and personal learning goals - ingredients for a productive classroom!

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Peace, Love and Learning


Class book activity on positive and negative consequences, and the classroom as a community. Perfect for Back-To-School.

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10 Memory Tricks for Elementary Students (or I think this would help any age student!)

Five Cooperative Learning Activities to do on the First Day of School • What I Have Learned

Goal Setting & Data Portfolio {Third Grade}: This packet will help students start setting academic and behavior goals. Through classroom discussions students are introduced to the concept of SMART goals and learn how to set a realistic goal. Available for grades 2-5. #goalsetting #dataportfolio


This is MY GOAL for MY KIDS!

Writing Goals chart - add to it as you teach new concepts. The bottom pocket has a reflection sheet that students attach to a writing piece to prove they met the goal. This is completed before they move their clip to a new goal.

FREE Student goals worksheet. Allows students to make three goals: academic, behavioral/social, and personal.

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Personalized Teacher Passes for the Classroom! LOVE

Kindergarten learning goal crowns

First Day of School Cooperative Learning " Find Someone Who "

Writing goals

Hands-On and Cooperative Learning Tips (free)