mini garden in a wheel barrow

Fairy Garden in an old wheelbarrow

Tutorial to make a fairy garden in a wagon - how cool is that!

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden #FairyGarden, #Recycled, #Wheelbarrow

Garden fairies

good idea to use tin cans for birdhouse roofs let rust, rust yourself or paint with rustoleum tri color texture paint looks just like rust

Great fairy gardens. Especially like the one in the book.

Indoor fairy garden. I should try this!

Fairy garden wheelbarrow

Fairy Garden Boot House...So awesome. It's weatherproof and easy to cut through for designing. Plastic from a boxed item purchased can be used to cover window holes.

Charmed Gardens (fairy & miniature garden making tips)

Fairy garden

Fairy garden

Large fairy garden!!! Side of house!!! Please summer... I'm begging as a Chicago person to please come soon

Love the steps going up the tree trunk.

Juise: Fairy Garden: Expand and Furnish with lots of fairy garden ideas and how-tos


LOVE the driftwood detail on this Celtic fairy house, the green and dried mosses are nice, and the front wall is nice too +++++++++++++++++ #fairy #garden #house

miniature garden

It would be fun for kids to get to look and see want the fairy did in her garden. You could even put a bird house.

Our homemade Fairy Garden! Great idea if you have a little girl :) My grand-daughter and I made our version of a Fairy State. The beach, the city condo and the country. It was so much fun!!!!