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--[In bold yellow print on a black background: "Autism is not a mental disorder. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Do not judge, educate." --Dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder]

When Caly was younger she told another kid her brother had autism.  The little girl said, "What's Autism?"....and this is what she said! :)

Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome


so true. Even I was guilty of stereotyping/not knowing facts to a degree before I fell in love with working with my kids

Just because I cannot speak, doesn't mean I cannot hear.

Even though this is for autism awareness the same goes for apraxia. Don't ever assume that a person who is non-verbal can't hear you. Likely, they can and they may even be far more intelligent than you. Think before you speak.

who keeps looking at us, I have no to explain to you what is or why my child this way. To be frank, if you aren't trying to it's none of your Said every autism parent.

Autism is not a tragedy

Autism isn't a tragedy. Ignorance is a tragedy. April is Autism Awareness Month. Love is unconditional

What would you say to a new autism parent? But I respect everyone's individual journey, everyone's journey is difficult, but with time can and will bring joy and laughter.

It is hard to accept but it is what it is.acceptance helps you to move on and live life rather than adding depression into the mix.

Thx Josh

This is how Colby sees Aaron. He says everyone gets ordinary brothers and he gets an amazing one. He's sleeping with Aaron tonight because he's anxious. I'm so fortunate to have both my boys.

Autism Mother autism mother, not all super heroes wear capes. love this quote for all super moms of children with Autism.