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This combines about seven of my favorite things: the word "dandy," puns, silhouettes, 18th century florals, lions, animals with improbable accessories and profiles.

He speaks only the truth :-) | from Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre by Wilhelm Staehle

Silhouette Masterpiece Theater by Wilhelm Staehle. So, it's not "painting" persay, but still pretty cool graphic prints.

So Much Better Than Porridge, silhouette art by Wilhelm Staehle, silhouette artist #art #artprint #print

This is the most dry and clever webpage when put up against other webpages of similar calibur. I laughed. Frequently.

Silhouettes. We could have props to add on, like hats or other dress up objects.

My Prince is Going To Find Me, Any Minute Now Wilhelm Staehle, silhouette art from Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre