david hale rabbit #tattoo


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#Seahorse #tattoo design on the ankle

Black rabbit with arrow # rabbit tattoo

Rocky Zero

Hare of the Dog ~ Canvas Wall Art Print by Will Bullas ''Oh Christ, what was I drinking last night ? '' ( Never mind = Hangover is HARE to today, gone tomorrow ? ) Unless HARE today to STAY another day ? '' Did you come here to DIE ? '' = '' NO - I came here YESTERDIE ( say it in an Australian accent ) ✔️

David Hale tattoo


Temporary tattoo design by Marc Johns (no relation, har har) for Tattly.

by David Côté

David Hale

DAVID ALLEN www.allentattoo.com

looks like stained glass

native american snake tattoo | David Morris tattoo illustration and design - Tattoo Journal

david hale


bird by david hale.

Heart #Tattoo

Avett Brothers, 2014 Avett, Concert Posters, Portland Concert, Brothers Portland

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