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Basic description and instructions for Chakra Meditation, used to open, clear, align and balance energy centers and bring about healing, health and wellness

Balance Your Chakras With These Foods Exercises


How To Awaken Your Seven Chakras

How To Awaken Your 7 Chakras.... I took the quick test and then was briefed about the results of the status of my Chakras (whether they were weak or open and flowing smoothly. Interesting. Give it a try..

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7 Awesome Affirmations to Balance Your Chakras

∆ Chakras... 7 Awesome Affirmations to Balance Your Chakras ~ Using the power of affirmations is one of the most effective ways to balance our chakras. Our thoughts create our reality, and by regularly practicing positive chakra balancing affirmations, we can achieve astonishing results in our lives.

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11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew

The 7 Chakras for Beginners