40 messages from 40 friends - a memory, a tribute, a birthday wish *You could do this for any # birthday, or adapt it for weddings, farewells.... even funerals (have people write down a memory of the loved one).

A beautiful birthday gift idea for the older adult! Ask every family member to write a memory of the birthday person and collect them to give at the party

A great idea for year end party! Have everyone write one at the beginning of the evening - What was your favorite memory this year and then share them at the close of the party.

Love this - for their dad's 70th birthday they mailed stamped/addressed postcards to 70 of his friends/family members and asked them to write their funniest memory of him. he received the postcards all month long. so simple, so wonderful.


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best birthday present for moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons... easy to do for the big ones 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 etc...

"50 Memories for 50 Years" I "borrowed" this from a pin I found on Pinterest a few months ago. I did this for my husband's 50th birthday, recruiting MEMORIES from family, friends, former neighbor's, co-workers, former students and employees. My husband LOVED it. He told me this was the best gift he's ever received!!

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This is such a nice idea! This girl made 40 envelopes, each filled with a special memory sent in by family and friends, and gave it to her dad for his 40th birthday

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Party guests write a birthday wish, Milemarker 40 {40th Birthday Ideas} - Tip Junkie

Birthday/Anniversary Surprise

I looked all over Pinterest for a thoughtful 40th party gift, I couldn't find anything, so i'm sharing what i came up with.. have fiends write a word on a rock that describes the birthday guy/girl "40 Rocks". Adhere it to a large canvas w strong adhesive! I used more than 40..

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Lovely Green Lifestyle: Best 30th Birthday Gift for the Best Boyfriend....!..love this!

A trip down memory lane party... a suitcase filled with memories emailed from friends... I think this would be awesome for anniversaries and/or "big b-days...70, 80, 90!

handmade poster for the year 1963 for a "50th birthday party"

What an awesome gift to give someone for any "big" birthday 40, 50, 60 ... or even anniversary!

Presents each hour on your loved one's birthday! So cute, a bunch of little gifts throughout the day! I will have to remember this for next year! =]