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Good morning! I have been staying up really late this week. Normally I'm up with the sun. I love that feeling of sitting down at my desk with a fresh cup of coffee and having the really light stream in on the monitor. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Another morning pouring through photos from Peru. This one made me stop and think about the life of an Andean shepherd. This person was sitting and trending the sheep at about 14000 feet above sea level. It was a beautiful and lonely expanse.

Waar je kan, schommelen. Er is op een berg in Oostenrijk een enorm hoge schommel. Waarop je bijna misselijk wordt. Die zijn het mooiste!

Today donors from Peru provided 600 cuys (guinea pigs) to 60 families through the work of @heiferinternational. The communities in Ccorca were so wonderful welcoming everyone into three celebration of this next step in the development of their district.

Follow OFMP photography trainer @jtobiason on his journey through NYC. As a life long PNWer he is seeing the Big Apple for the first time and trying to see the world through new eyes. What does NYC mean to you?