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This is not a drop of water, it’s a cake!

‘Mizu Shingen Mochi’ is a breed of Japanese rice cake that’s bound to get people scratching their heads and wondering what the hell they ordered. Though it might look like a water droplet served fancy, it’s actually a cake that uses water harnessed from the Japanese Alps

Warabi Mochi, Traditional Japanese confection made from bracken starch and covered with kinako (roasted soybean flour)|わらび餅

Adzuki beans or Red Beans - high in nutrients, high in protein and low in fat

Wagashi, is Japanese term for traditional Japanese cakes and sweets (traditional confectionery) wich typical Japanese rated high art. Yum !_!

Easy and Decadent Butter Mochi Gluten Free and pretty fabulous-looking. I may take a crack at these, either as a Yule Vigil treat, or for New Years Eve Cards Against Humanity.