Stone House (aka Witches Castle) in the towering pine trees in Forest Park, near downtown Portland Oregon. Covered in green lichen, moss, and ferns. An abandoned structure from the early-1900's.

Portland, Oregon

Hike to the Witch's House or the Stone House in Portland, Oregon.

I want this in my backyard

Abandoned tower.

Elowah Falls, Oregon. A little less than an hour from Portland!

Hiking in Oregon


These abandoned cars (in the Ardennes Forest) once belonged to American service men. After the war, they were responsible for shipping their vehicles back. Many of them could not afford to do this, so the cars were brought to a clearing in the forest, parked and left there.

Abandoned in the forest

Reclaimed by Nature ~ Ruins

Tucked away in the forests of northern France, sits Chateau PR, long abandoned and forgotten.

The Witch's Castle. Mossy ruins located in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon.

Punch Bowl Falls - Oregon

Misery Ridge Hiking trail, Oregon The Misery Ridge Trail in Smith Rock State Park is an exceptional day hike that provides a full tour of one of Oregon's most iconic natural areas. From the trailhead, the trail descends into the Crooked River Gorge, crosses the park's only bridge, and then starts the climb to the top of the park's golden rock cliffs.

Incredible. Stonepath, Newcastle, Northern Ireland- bucket list -

Beautiful, abandoned church in Oregon

I would love to stay in a small cottage in Scotland or Ireland as I enjoy everything in the U.K.