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Living Lines and the Magic Carpet

I came across the website Living Lines awhile ago looking for concept art and pencil tests for some of my favourite animations. This site has come into to use time and again but here’s someth…

I think I’m a little late to witchsona week again haha – I guess my witchsona for this year has her negative emotions and anxieties physically manifest as her familiars, which she keeps under control with the runes she stitches into her clothing.

Social Skills: winter problem solving and emotional regulation

Snow Problem is a winter themed product to work on identifying the size of a problem, the size of a reaction and more!

Cleaning out my old files and discovering unused character enchanted rose that, by learning about human emotions, starts to become one herself

Yeah, anyone else feel like this was written in about three or four times and they decided at the last minute to cut it out?

Frozen concept art - Elsa

Frozen concept art - Elsa Look at the range of emotions! This is why Disney is the best!