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Hello... Where a. I??? Someone ... Walks forward... Falls ... :opens eyes: what the!! Where am I ( is in real world in forest laying there) it must have been a dream.. What is that sound ??

She is the butterfly princess, at night she turns into a beautiful dark blue butterfly and flys all around peoples homes.

Hy Eonnie!!! I just wanna say that i am gping to Mondo Con with my Dad and my lil Sis on the 12th of December!!! So we will see lots of awesome things and i wanna share it with youuuuuu!!!! So i will upload the pics here or i send them in e-mail :D

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50 Examples of Anime Digital Art

Alex' 19' parents dead' He killed his parents they tortured him his whole life he's now mostly to him self never raises his hand in class his best friend is blade that means he problems is a merderer we don't know if he has merdered others or what so all we know he is a merderer the same as blade and did not tell use what he think of what he did that is all.

This is so me! Only I don't have so many Plushies... ; - ;). But I have more games than I do bed sheets, and that's saying something! XD