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How to help wild lions like Cecil

mothernaturenetwork: How to help wild lions like CecilThe killing of a beloved lion named Cecil has angered and saddened people around the world. But it can also be a wake-up call for us to preserve Cecil’s disappearing species.

Extinct animals - Barbary lion the largest of the lion species. Was used in gladiator fights  and were owned by royal and elite families.

The Barbary lion (Panthera leo leo), also known as the Atlas lion, was an African lion population native to North Africa, including the Atlas Mountains, that is now considered extinct in the wild.

Big cat hugs

A Mother's Greatest Love Embracing Her Baby. There's Nothing Like a Snuggle From Mom at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa--Photo by Gabriela Staebler in The Soul of Savanna: (How Wild Animals Feel).

a family of lions (kenya - Africa)

Lion Family Walks Away - Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Photo by David Lazar.

Agonising last hours of a lion king and one man's deadly vanity

Agonising last hours of a lion king and one man's deadly vanity

Pictures of Cecil the Lion. Cecil The Lion Footage Released By Safari Enthusiast. His untimely death has sparked outrage and could be the trigger necessary to protect the lion species from possible extinction.

The unique genet!

Genets are dispersed throughout Africa and are found across a variety of habitats that have dense vegetation—including woodlands, savannas, and forests. Related to the cat but more closely to the mongoose.