Juanita Moore

Juanita Moore

Juanita Moore

Juanita Moore, Imitation of Life. Best Supporting Actress

Still of Lana Turner and Juanita Moore in Imitation of Life. This is a great movie and a tearjerker!!!

Imitation of Life 1959. Lana Turner and Juanita Moore

Pioneering Actress Juanita Moore Dies At 99

Juanita Moore in Imitation of Life.One of my all time favorite movies!!!! Need an entire box of tissues to get through this one!!!!!

Imitation of Life

Imitation Of Life

Imitation of Life (1959) חיקוי לחיים

Imitation of Life (1959) my favorite movie

Juanita Moore

Imitation of Life (1959) starring Lana Turner

Lana Turner & John Gavin in Imitation of Life (1959)

The Bishop's Wife! (1947) Cary Grant Film! A bishop is has a hard decision to make about a church project and prays for a sign. An angel (Cary Grant) comes to help him out. The angel tries to show the bishop the important things of life (like his wife, Loretta Young, and the unfortunate) It's a romance in a way too! Very Good :)

Gotta love an old Doris Day movie...

The Wizard of Oz~ what a great publicity photo!

Greta Garbo,  takes direction from George Cukor,1941 , in the film “Two Faced Woman”, her last movie.

Rock Hudson and James Dean behind the scenes of Giant (1956).