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i remember it perfectly. the night sara met chris. it was friday night, and i was working on the couch, sara came in thru the door, grinning and ready to gush some

Painting my life black and white; balance and purity. Leaving it B&W would be boring, My triumphs are the accent of my life. Failures are not defects, it only shows that we are human; we have experienced and we have learned Life.

PFIFF Adult Scooter Trike S Tricycle (16" & 20" wheels), ...

I'm Mary. I am passionately Catholic and madly in love with Jesus Christ, my husband, social justice, flowers, pictures of wheat, rain, Saint Faustina, and Dorothy Day. May you choose and desire what leads to the deepening of Christ's light in you.

Jared on Mina's bike ||| lol nice capris, Jared.||||Lol I think they have the same shoes. That's not Jared. || lol, yeeeah.. hard to keep up the whole 'bad boy' persona with denim capris....||| roflmao ||||| LMAO

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Europa fotografie - roze Scooter en rozen, Fine Art Travel foto, kinderkamer kunst, grote Wall Art

Europe Photography - Pink Scooter and Roses, Fine Art Travel Photograph, Nursery Art, Wall Decor

Summertime rolls in and so does he, carefree and magical, just like the season. We whisper our love for each other, always, even though we know that when the trees lose their leaves, we will lose each other, and I will long for the next's year's summer.