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Nick Gindraux is a concept artist and illustrator based in Santa Monica, California. Nick is currently working as a Concept Artist for video game developer Naughty Dog. Be sure to check out his concept art work for The Last of Us here.


The astonishing illustrations of Kevin Hou

Kevin Hou est un illustrateur et concept artist basé à Shenzhen en Chine.

Sooooo evidently they are coming out with a movie based on and called Ghost in the Shell. I am highly against this because even though Scarlett Johansson is a good actor, I feel like whatever direction they decide to take the plot will put a bad name on an anime that isn't that far away from Bebop imo. But that's just what I think. - - Artwork by @mr_werewolf - - #Fantasy #Fanart #Art #DigitalArt #ConceptArt #Werewolf #Monster #Beast #Illustration #Artstation #DeviantArt

jakubsan: “ ’the colors of autumn’ the power of wild nature full class! new painting from my ‘Wolfpack - world,.

19145809_1431263370321409_4937242763636484801_n.jpg (704×960)

19145809_1431263370321409_4937242763636484801_n.jpg (704×960)

Анда Вика-Шамыкина #FantasyLandscape

Анда Вика-Шамыкина #FantasyLandscape