Explore Halloween, Fall Cats, and more! Knowing mew haz a pawblem is the furst step... ****THE PURRENITY...

C.A.A. - cat addicts anony-mouse Knowing mew haz a pawblem is the furst step... ****THE PURRENITY...

Yeah lets do that.  Take a good look and what you are up against.  Yup.  They call ita fly swatter.  Problem is you need a good strong thumb for it to be effective.  I have one-you don't. I have a fly swatter-you don't.  You do the math.

Just enjoy the cute fluffy kitten. Let me just clean off my bitch slapper, then we can to business dont look cat in eye


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obviously, they had no choice...

funny cat pictures - well of course we threw out some of your stuff! it was in OUR drawer!

You perplex me. I like it.

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Pretty much

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lol I can imagine cats saying this haha

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Key bandit by rachel anne

When life gives you lemons, take a nap IdeaEVER:)

Cattitude confirmed.

I CAN haz cheezburger! I CAN haz cheezburger!

Monday?  It isn't really Monday, is it??

/ Photo "Say hello" by Daly Elena

I love it when my cat puts his head on my shoulder and against my neck it's so sweet. Also kitties are really loving animals.

August 2012 - It's Black Cat Appreciation Day!


Oh, well it's kitten sized.that changes everything! Please be careful with Jack-o-lanterns. Kitties love the flickering flame and like to crawl into things so watch out! Some cat people suggest flameless candles or glow sticks :-)

Never Suspected

Clyde Never Suspected the Local Pigeons Would Have Tasers Cat on the ground laying on its back in a stunned position making a surpr.