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Blade Runner - Rick Ross's interpretive concept of J.F. Sebastian's chess table and chess set is an amazing work of art. It has to be the coolest Blade Runner inspired build ever! Rick took 2 years to make it. The chess pieces were sculpted from scratch by Rick based on HD screen captures of the film.

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Gothic Dragon Furniture | Gold and Silver Chess Set Table with Sculpture Beneath

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Unique sets. Get yours at

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I love this chess table.

zulilyfrom zulily

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Take a look at this Chess Finial Set by Melrose on #zulily today!

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Samurai Chess Set. Really cool and a good idea to build off of, maybe a larger incorporation of a Banzai tree.

Oddeefrom Oddee

12 Coolest Chess Sets

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the coolest settlers of catan board i have ever seen

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Amazing vintage steel chess set!

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Band saw chess pieces

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Above: 3-Way Wooden Chess Set >>

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Maybe one day.....I'll be rich enough to own all of the cool things that I want. Like this Lord of the Rings chess set for example...

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This Silvered and Gilded Bronze Vasari Figural Chess Set rests on a board of silver framed polished Italian onyx 1


78 Creative Chess Sets

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Lasercut Chess

Matthew Livaudais’ ‘Sustainable Chess Set’ may be one of the most environmentally friendly chess sets ever created. The pieces for this game were made out of only one sheet of laser-cut plywood.

WonderHowTofrom WonderHowTo

How to Make a MacGyver-Style Chess Set Using Just Nuts & Bolts

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Here's an easy DIY project-- Use bolts and washers from the hardware aisle to make chess pieces.