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Artodyssey: Joan Dumouchel .....''When I create figures, I inhabit them for a moment and I see myself living my emotions and my fantasies through them. It fascinates me... and it appears to me that this is the magical in creation''

Let me tell you something about Nevis - it's magical. No really, I swear, it's magical.

After having the wardrobe and the hair/makeup ladies do their magic, I was ready! Everyone was amazing at the shocking resemblance between the "Real" Etta Place and myself, which made me very happy!

the time in this city has brought me laughters, tears, exuberance and desolation. i am rebuilt after moving here. down the road, my life is going to be a happily ever after no matter what.

♀ when I Lay Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT] 2 Sleep [Die]… I Magically Ascend [MA] 2 My Own [MO’ = Personal] Heavenly Mental of Atlantis [MA] Energies from Lost Atlantis [L.A.]… ’cause My Egyptian [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT] Mama Hittite [Queen Tiye]… Already Biblically + Esoterically + Spiritually [BES] Said… One Day in My Future [NOW]… I’mma Mentally Resurrect Myself on Our Pre Physical… West Congo Afrikkan [CA] American Toltec Treasure [ATT = Aztec] Island of California [CA] ♀

Rubicon Jute Special Order Wool Rug - Swatch (4-Week Delivery)

Potters Workshop Tableware Red #westelm...Thanks a lot West Elm. You are really not helping me control myself.

In the heart of the West village, at the legendary French perfumer " Diptyque" was where I spent a few hours last Sunday. Beautiful placemnts of mirrors on the walls, "Gaudi" styled tables reminded me of the time I was living in Barcelona. It was finally a scented candle called " Feu de Bois" ( Fire wood ) that ended to charm me the most. I always recommend to find your home her scent, it's definitely the last touch but not the least! Back home, I wrapped myself in wool blackets…