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Fascinating Photos of NASA's Abandoned Launch Sites | Shelter Dome, Rubber Room, Launch Pad 39B, Kennedy Space Center, FL, 1996. “Adjoining the Rubber Room was a Shelter Dome room with the floor set on springs to isolate the occupants from whatever conflagration may be occurring above them as they seek shelter.” | Credit: Roland Miller | From Wired.com

Fascinating Photos of NASA's Abandoned Launch Sites

Mothballed Launch Sites Stand as Monuments to the US Space Program — Vantage — Medium

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Haunted by history: The ghosts of Beelitz-Heilstätten

Cameras floating in the International Space Station, set up and ready to capture interesting passes above Earth. Watch how Astronauts like Don Pettit capture breathtaking photos from Space: http://youtu.be/rwt3kMivZk4

Oasis: Some of the cameras on the that help astronauts share their orbital perspective

James Jean | Mole B

Illustrator James jean's art for the poster NYC bicycle film festival poster and the original moleskine sketch. Lots of nice energy!

Quantum physics throws all the rules of classical physics out the window. In the quantum world, particles can pass through solid walls, be in two places ...

This Quantum Theory Says Time Can Flow Backwards

Particle physicists might seem like a dry bunch, but they have their fun. Why else would there be such a thing as a "strange quark"?

International Space Station cutaway

A cutaway drawing, also called a cutaway diagram is a graphics, drawing, diagram and or illustration, in which surface elements a three-dimensional.

Original photography scanned from  ‘To The Moon’ (Time-Life 1969) an audio and visual chronology that documents NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects.

An Atlas booster surges skyward from the launch pad carrying astronaut Wally Schirra. He rides atop inside Sigma the tiny black and white capsule surmounted by the red escape tower.

Vintage NASA illustrations show the differences among Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecrafts.

I Liked Article Vintage NASA illustrations show the differences among Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecrafts.

DIY mini Easter baskets made from plastic (or paper) cups and tissue festooning  {Studio DIY}

DIY Pastel Mini Fringe Easter Baskets

Astronaut Harrison Schmitt stands by a lunar boulder on the Moon during Apollo 17's mission in 1972

Harrison Schmitt examines a house-sized boulder in the NorthMassif at Station EVA Apollo December 1972 - Eugene Cernan

i want this poster hanging on my toilet

ROCKETS OF THE WORLD: This is an illustration from physics professor Peter Alway's 1995 book "Rockets of the World."- more to add to my boy space room inspiration.

VOYAGE - valise connectée : "Hop" vous suit sans que vous ayez à la tirer par Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez

Une valise de voyage qui vous suit partout

For those who tire of dragging a heavy piece of luggage through the airport, a new hands-free suitcase will do all the work for you.