Best Made Co. First Aid Kit

Best Made First Aid Kit. $89

Braun KF20 Aromaster (coffe maker) by Florian Seiffert for Braun in 1972

Japanese Wood Tea Canister.

Fire by Formfusion. An unobtrusive powder-coated steel bracket conceals a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit but provides easy access in case of an emergency.

A First Aid Kit For Desperate Lovers – Love Hurts and the team loves it #2013 #toppin PD

Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups (Set of Two) // Best Made Company

Modern First Aid Kit

Thirst Aid Kit | Izola

CATBIRD, CONSTELLATION MATCHES: dreamy goodness for under 5 bucks.

The new minimalistic Solid Ho clock by Paula Collective exhibits the time in an unorthodox manner, by replacing the standard numerals we all love and depend to geometric shapes. The twelve shapes gradually transform and evolve from a tetrahedron to a dodecahedron stellata. Now when you’re late you can apologize for ‘being a square.’

Wooden Rulers | Hay

Concept: First Aid Kit #identity #packaging PD

"Espresso Solo" – an espresso coffee machine made of concrete and metal parts | designed by Shmuel Linski | linski design | Photo -Sasha Flit

Vintage sony radio yellow

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GLOH at Koskela // faceted planters and vases made from sustainable pine made in Peregian beach