The Boy and the Elephant via Edward Grossi, During a visit, on 20 November 1958, to a zoo in London, a child thoughtfully embraces the trunk of an old and gentle elephant. #Photography #Elephant #Boy

This blog is all elephants, all the time. I think that they are the most beautiful creature on this earth, so why not have a blog dedicated to them? If you find a picture you want to post, submit it c: None of these pictures were taken by me. If anyone can find this photographer's name, please lmk so I can put it on here for proper credit, thanxx!

Forest animals heads vector graphics with commercial use printable

Baby Sloth By Ljudmila Donodina - I am very glad to introduce to you Baby Sloth. • He is 13 sm in sitten position. He can't stand • made from synthetics fax fur• hand sculpted epoxy clay nose, claws • glass eyes • armature in the arms and legs • filled with polyester and metal granulate �...

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