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  • Lori Brewster

    vanished: “Venture Into Darkness” was actually an assignment I had in electronic multimedia. We were given around 30 photos, and we had to make a composite photo. And this was my outcome, there’s probably about 6-8 separate photos in this one. And it’s actually really funny that it can out to be so eerie and dark, but I really like how it turned out. by Haley Harper

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Around October 5th (modern date) the mundus cerialis was again opened. When the stone lid known as the lapis manalis was lifted the spirits of the dead could emerge from the underworld and roam among the living, in what Warde Fowler describes as ‘holidays, so to speak, for the ghosts’. When it was re-sealed, the spirits returned to the realms of the dead

Kinda like an animagus? I prefer to think of it as the cat from The Secret of Kells

once upon a lonely road...

this shit is god damn scary. i'm literally scarred for life since the 3rd grade.

pumpkintears: Hark! Hark to the wind! ‘Tis the night, they say,When all souls come back from the far away-The dead, forgotten this many a day!~Virna Sheard(via pumpkintears)

Layers by LeslieAnn O'Dell. See more of her ethereal and beautiful work here:

graphite on paper. amazing art. so detailed. by melissa cooke who was my drawing 101 teach.

layers by LeslieAnnODell

☆ A Plague Doctor: The beak-like masks were worn in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The beak part of the masks were filled with aromatic items such as Ambergris, Balm-Mint Leaves, Camphor,Cloves, Laudanum, Myrrh, Rose Petals and Storax, and stuffed with Straw to act as a filter.The mask was said to prevent the putrid air from being inhaled. and thus protecting the wearer from contracting the plague. Unfortunately the theory was untrue.☆