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    • frugalannie2

      how to paint the door...and NOT the hinges - could have used that little tip a long time ago paint tips

    • Pauline Layland

      how to paint the door and NOT the hinges...for my next house; mine are already white :/

    • First Colorado Realty

      As you're getting ready to sell your house you may be touching up paint. Get professional results with this little trick for painting doors. Cover the plate with painters tape, use an X-acto knife to trace the outline and remove the tape that is on the wood. Paint, then remove the tape on the plate and you have a beautiful door!

    • Eva O'Neill

      How to paint the door... and NOT the hinges - could have used that little tip a long time ago! Painters tape over the hinge and then use an Exacto knife to trim away the excess... then paint!

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    Create a family playlist and clean up will be so much easier


    Shows how to get the perfect caulk line every time.

    Thank you- I always forget which way!............. picture of ceiling fan direction in winter and summer- for the life of me I can never remember which way is which!