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baby shower dirty diaper game - number newborn diapers from 1 to 5. Melt different types of chocolate bars into each of the diapers. Have guests write down what each diaper is and the winner gets a prize. www.greatgroupgam...

This Game Is Actually Called "Dirty Diapers"...Click On Picture To See How To Play This And 20 Other Baby Shower Games...

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How To Make A Diaper Bouquet - Picture Tutorial

Looking for a fun DIY Baby shower gift idea? Check out this easy an inexpensive diaper bouquet tutorial.

Poopie diaper #babyshowergame. Cut out diapers from white felt and safety pin together. Smear one or two with a little bit of chocolate (I used nutella). Pass them out for guests to wear when they arrive. Have them check the diaper right before they leave. Whoever has "soiled" diaper wins a prize.

Baby Shower Gift/Prize Bags. Double as decoration by spelling out the expected baby's name, and hold prizes for winners of baby shower games. Even better, fill them with things the new mom will need, so every win benefits her!

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Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Need a great baby shower gift? Here is a great baby gift basket can be for girl or boy. please refer to diaper basket and state girl or boy needed. contact me:

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Baby Shower Games: Dirty Diaper Game

Baby Shower Games: Dirty Diaper Game. This one is hysterical! Melt different mini candy bars in diapers, shower guests have to guess what type candy is in each diaper...

BABY SHOWER GAME: Balloon Babies. Supplies: balloons, size 2 diapers for however many guests you are having, sharpies. Game: 1. You give everyone a balloon and a diaper and then at the same time .. everyone starts to blow up their balloon. once blown up they have to fit the diaper on the balloon without it falling off and hold it up. The first 5 people to do this move on to the next round. 2. Next round they draw their best baby face & mommy to be picks her favorite baby face. :)

Baby shower game - Put numbers on the bottom of rubber ducks and put them in a pail of water, have each guest pick one then draw a number and the guest with that number wins a prize!

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Elephants Baby Shower Party Ideas

Elephants Baby Shower Party Ideas | Photo 5 of 8

"Matching Baby Socks" Baby Shower Game = Race to see who can match the most pairs of different colored / patterned baby socks. The winner gets a prize, and the Parents-to-Be get socks to take home for the Baby ... win-win =)

For "Late Night Diapers", the shower guests were each given a few diapers and some Sharpies and were asked to write a message to the new mom on the front and/or back of the diapers. These diapers are to be reserved for late night changings by mom so the point is to write something funny or encouraging to give her a little pick-me-up in the wee hours of the night!