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Trim Painting Tips For Smooth and Perfect Results

A conditioner usually helps reduce unsightly brush marks. You can make water-based paint perform more like oil paint by adding latex paint conditioner. Floetrol is one brand. Conditioners make the paint flow better and slow down the drying time, allowing you more time to spread the paint without leaving brush marks. Check with the manufacturer of the paint you’re using to see if it recommends a particular brand of conditioner.

Momoyama : 1610 c.Tie dyeing and ink painting on silk.Important Cultural Property ( Tokyo National Museum ).This stunning kimono with its dramatic assymetrical sweep of bamboo down one side is heralds the distinctive KANBUN designs of the next period of Japanese history.

15-year-old Janet Collins tried out for the renowned Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo company in 1932 but she declined to join when she found out that she would not be allowed to perform without painting her African American skin white. She went on to become the first (and still to this day, only) Prima Ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera, in 1951. (Photo via | National Women's History Museum |

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama retrospective at the Whitney Museum through September. “Well known for her use of dense patterns of polka dots and nets, as well as her intense, large-scale environments, Yayoi Kusama works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, film, performance, and immersive installation.”

How To Paint A Concrete Floor

How To Paint A Concrete Floor | Seal and improve the look and performance of the floor by this step-by-step tutorial + video tutorial. | Best Homesteading Tips, DIY Projects and Homemade Recipes #pioneersettler |

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"Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you just thought of them that instant." - Glenda Jackson